Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember Remember the 23rd of September

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I. assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios. Thousands of people in Puerto Rico and throughout the Diaspora protested. Murals were painted. T-Shirts were printed. Even a reggaeton song was made. All condemning the brutal and cowardly acts of the F.B.I.

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios. In Puerto Rico people rallied to the streets yelling “asesinos”, while the Governor put on his best “I don’t know shit” face and claimed he was not aware of the assassination orders being executed in the small town of Hormigueros on Puerto Rico’s west coast. The chief of Police, an ex-F.B.I. agent himself, did the same.

In Chicago, Orlando, New York, Philadelphia and other cities throughout the Diaspora, Puerto Rican community leaders and their allies and friends held events and organized to spread the word about yet another vicious attack against those struggling for freedom and independence for Puerto Rico.

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I. assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios. The month’s that followed were filled with allegations, denials, and a large-scale witch hunt rounding up professors, shoe repairmen, authors, community organizers, and students whom the F.B.I. tried to tie to the clandestine Pro-Independence group Los Macheteros. After one such round up, at a well respected and much loved professor’s house, the media, who was covering the event, was trampled on and massed by the F.B.I.

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I. assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios. The various multitudes of pro-independence organizations that for decades had been at difference with each other were speaking about unity and collective action. This was to be the defining moment when ideologies and egos were going to be put to the back in the spirit of unity, as Filiberto himself had called for at his last speech. Socialista, pipiolo, nacionalista, Chicago, New York were all identifiers that were no longer going to mean shit. All that was supposed to matter now was that everyone wanted the same thing, the independence of Puerto Rico.

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I. assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios. In the time since then Filiberto has grown to become another symbolic figure that stands to inspire and challenge us.

In reflecting on what occurred that day I kept returning to the fact that the assassination highlighted something for me that I have always believed and spoken about and that is that the “movement’s” failure lays in its reactionary nature.
“Look they assassinated Filiberto! Let’s go out and…. do something!”
Colonialism sucks! No shit!
People know that colonialism is evil and destructive. But what is the alternative? The responsibility of the various organizations and individuals that claim to be pro-independence should be to educate and show the people that alternative.
Alternative schools. Co-ops. Health clinics. Independentistas businesses. Community based and centered so that you can decentralize the government and people no longer feel they need it to survive. As they do now, and therefore support and vote for its survival. So come November when people go to vote in the first gubernatorial race since the assassination no surprises will occur. If people didn’t vote for PIP after they spearheaded the removal of the Navy from Vieques, I have no belief that they will now. Nor will this even be an issue of significance to voters on the island.

Three years ago on this day the F.B.I. assassinated Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

But Filiberto lives!

-Christian Martir

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Year Anniversary...!!!!

Come Celebrate our One Year Anniversary @ Tatame September 27, 2008. One year ago we took on an adventure to provide fresh clothing rarely found here for a good price as well as make our own custom shirts. One Year Later the trek has taken a different route but still with the same foundations and goals. There will be lots to come from Post Renaissance. Thank you to Everyone we have met this great year...Lets Build...



Friday, September 19, 2008

Roy Brown Basta Ya Revolucion

My first Music Post...aside from working Post Renaissance and audio engineering...i am also a Digga...dig for vinyl, comics, toy, etc...Flea markets are my malls...I have only been collecting records for 3 years, but it has become an addiction that cannot be fully satisfied... i am really into collecting Latin records and specifically from the Caribbean to help perserve the music...

I will be using this blog to post rare vinyls i want to share with all of you to help spread the music. I will try i to only post albums that are not available on cd and rare to find...

so my first Post...

Roy Brown - Basta Ya...Revolucion


Roy Brown, born in Orlando Fl, studied at the University of Puerto Rico. His first two albums, Yo Protesto and Basta Ya...Revolucion (1970), have themes that are now classics in the Puerto Rico independence movement. I have been able to find copies on cd of Yo Protesto, but nothing about this album. Its briefly mentioned in his web biographies, but thats about it. So i figured that this is a good post to begin with.
The copy is not the cleanest, but hey, i have not even been able to find a duplicate of this on vinyl. i have looked.
The album is good, has a mix of different styles of music...crazy effects (delays) sounds experimental dub or something...

So download, click on the cover...Leave a comment...
I will be posting more gems coming soon.

ONe L,
Dat Digga Hec




Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Renaissance...Moving on to Bigger Things

We are Officially Moved out of our Store...We decided to close (for now) the retail store to focus on the Post Rennaisance Brand...we still have a lot to learn and did not have time for both...But not to worry, our website is coming soon, you will catch us at all art/fashion/goodmusic events as well as host our own events, so we are still around...we are just taking time out to perfect our craft...The best is yet to come...Thank you Everyone for you support...los de verdad verdad saben quienes son...


PS. This week we are vising our brothers from another island...we are in Dominican Republic...we will return this weekend....

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